Indian Brassware

Introduction - Brassware And Brass Handicrafts

The brassware handicrafts and brass handicrafts industry is an integral part of the Handicrafts and Cottage Industry of India. It is recognized the world over for its superlative range of brass artware, brass furniture, brass figures, brass candlestands, brass hardware, brass antiques, brass giftwares, brass decoratives and collectibles, brassware bathroom fittings and other brass accessories. There is a number of small scale brassware manufacturers, brassware suppliers and brass handicrafts manufacturers in India.

During 1999-2000, the total exports of handicrafts (including carpets and excluding gems and jewelry) stood at US$ 1277 mn. The share of exports of handicrafts from India in the world market for handicrafts during 1999-2000 (April-October) was 4% (in US$ terms), an increase of 16.5%. The recent past has seen a significant increase in the number of brassware exporters and brass handicraft exporters. Even the brassware export from India has reached an all time high and is still increasing.

The recognition enjoyed by the Indian brassware band brass handicrafts industry throughout the world is attributed to the dedication and hard work of numerous artisans and craftsmen, who are engaged in the creation of the most exquisite pieces of brass handicrafts in antique, modern, classical and traditional styles. A major centre for handicrafts today, India offers some of the most skillfully created, artistically designed and aesthetically appealing handcrafted items, especially in brass.


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